An Unlimited Membership entitles you to as many classes per week, as many times per month as you would like. It also provides access to any open gym times. This membership is month-to-month with no long-term contract.

$165/month, Unlimited Membership
$297/month Married Couples
$140/month full-time, undergraduate college students with current school ID. If you want a discount, you must show your ID.

Punch Cards are $165 each. They are good for 10 visits, and valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. Cards are not valid for open gym times. Punch cards are sold to members at the discretion of the staff.

Attending the INDOC is required for new members. This program is $215 and no discounts apply.

We offer a discounted rate of $140/month for those willing to sacrifice all. Athletes Unleashed does this because we share a fraternal bond and mutual respect with them that only those who have put their lives on the line will truly understand. This privilege is extended to active and reserve military, military veterans, active duty policemen and active duty firemen. If you are a veteran, you qualify.  If you are currently serving in the military, you qualify.  If you have a badge and a pistol, have the powers of arrest, and it is your job to find, stop, and apprehend bad guys and other unsavory types that most people want nothing to do with, you qualify. If you are one of those brave SOB’s whose job it is to run into a burning building and try to put out fires, you qualify. If you have to explain to us how it is you qualify, you don’t qualify. Simple enough? Semper Fi.

All purchases, on-ramp fees and membership fees are non-refundable.
DROP IN’s:   Drop In’s are welcome.  If you are in town and looking for a place to train please come on; we will make you feel welcome and take good care of you.  We expect that you will abide by the following:

  • Do not drop weights, bars, or kettlebells.
  • Do not put chalk on anything other than your hands and do not make a mess when you use it.
  • Clean up after yourself; wipe up your sweat and put your gear back where you got it.
  • Be prepared to do strict movements and hard-style, dynamic KBS.
  • Be open to coaching.

Drop In’s are $20, cash only.