A highly decorated Marine Corps Infantry Officer, Coach Robby spent 14 years preparing men and women of all ages to operate in an environment where you can’t afford to loose. Let Coach Robby and his staff get your athletes ready to dominate their environment this season.

Last year, Niagara University Men’s Rugby Club completed an UNLEASHED team training camp and had the most successful season in their history, which included winning the New York State Championship. Softball and baseball players are hitting more home runs, basketball players that were not able to dunk are now dunking, our runners are quicker, and our ice hockey and football players are more explosive – and remain injury free.

The training isn’t only physical. The mental toughness and character that is developed is invaluable for anyone who wants to build teams, increase unit cohesion, and achieve greatness both on and off the field. The physical and mental training protocols developed by Coach Robby are proven on the battlefield – literally. Let our highly experienced and well-trained staff increase the performance of your athletes.  

Get an edge on the competition and call us to sign up for an UNLEASHED team training camp:

  • Improve overall team mental toughness and unit cohesion.
  • Increase power, speed, strength, agility, accuracy.
  • Drastically reduce injuries.